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Finding You the Perfect Tech Talent

Your Go-To Recruiter for Your Tech Staffing Needs

Solutions-Driven Recruiter with 25 Years of Proven Excellence

As a Tech Recruiter, I utilize innovative strategies to find and place talent. Additionally, I draw on multiple platforms and human resources analytics to make informed recruiting decisions.


AI    AI Chips    AI Security      AI Business Analytics    Semiconductor    Supply Chain Analytics     Shopping Analytics    EDA    SaaS    Government/Defense

Software Engineering

Full Stack/All Stack Software Developers    Neural Networks    Graphs      Compilers    Software Verification    Platform Software    Security Software    AI Software    QA    CI/CD Infrastructure Engineering

Hardware Engineering

RF/RFIC/Microwave    All Phases of Chip Design from Physical Design to RTL and Design Verification to Hardware Architecture     CPU/GPU    Processor IP    AI Accelerator    ASIC     FPGA

Sales, Marketing, Technical Support

All Levels of Sales, Business Development    Technical Support    Applications Engineering    Technical Marketing


About Me

With over two decades of experience recruiting and working in the corporate world, I bring a unique offering of Talent Acquisition services to companies of all sizes — from emerging startups to established corporations. I am independent and nimble with a proven track record of working in rising and revolutionary verticals. Additionally, I excel in strategic planning and creative sourcing for niche roles.


My knowledge, combined with a solid network of contacts, enables me to quickly and effectively source the best talent. I also fill positions with a holistic approach; often impressive qualifications aren't enough.

Talent acquisition can be a challenge, but you've met the right recruiter who will succeed at fulfilling your staffing needs.


  • Recruitment Strategy Formulation

  • Networking

  • Data Analytics

  • Hiring Strategy

  • People Management + Development

  • Talent Management

  • ATS Platforms (Lever, Bullhorn, Greenhouse, Jobvite, Workday)

  • Scalearound Strategy

  • Turnaround Strategy

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Ready to Acquire
Top Tech Talent?

I am available for a variety of engagements — executive search, retained search, and contingent search. I am also available to consult on best practices and trends in the tech industry. I look forward to connecting with you.



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