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Career Highlights

Top LinkedIn Ranking

Secured a Top 10% rating as a LinkedIn Recruiter user in 2019 with 569 job searches performed and 6.4K profiles viewed.

Assertive Growth Leader

Experienced in growing 10-100+ member teams which included sales, marketing and hardware/software positions.

First Tech Recruiter

Hired as the first recruiter and tasked with forming recruiting plans, strategies and structure from scratch while building the teams accordingly.

Kilopass (memory IP): Team of 15

FusionOps (supply chain analytics): Team of 29

Aurora Solar (solar energy software): Team of 14 (AI accelerator IP): Team of 11 (AI physical security): Team of 25 (intelligent revenue automation): Team of 11

FirstbaseHQ (remote worker equipment): Team of 7

Artificial Intelligence

Over 5 years experience in Artificial Intelligence with AI chips, AI security, and AI business applications.

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